My quilts
  • Size: 65” x 40” (WxH)
  • Ended year: 2017

Description: Into the Deep” was born as an exercise that I had to do in my art quilt class, in which I`m a student. I had to create a block with the concept of Tessellation. Then I had to design a complete quilt with this block and on this play with colors. The resource that I used, was to play with the values ​​of blacks and the nuance in the reds. Once I finished it, his name came to my mind immediately, there is depth in it, both in the movement of black colors and in the large frame that is formed with the tiny red triangles. This is a great exercise, where through the use of color, the design of a block simply disappears within the whole, giving relevance to other forms that emerge”

  • Expos and Festivals
    • September 2018: “AQS Quilt Week Contest”, Paducah, USA.
    • July 2018: Aparición en “Curated Quilt Issue 4: Triangles”, Quilt Journal.

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