My quilts
  • Size: 50” x 39” (WxH)
  • Ended year: 2017

Description: “The inspiration for this Quilt comes from having read Amy Friend’s book “Improv Paper Piecing”, which led me to design the block that can be observed and that is repeated throughout this Quilt. I used a palette of colors of my taste, using more than 40 different colors, with which I made a transition from the center to the outside. To Quilt it, I decided to use a spiral, since it enhances the focal point of the Quilt and gives it a greater depth”.

  • Expos and Festivals
    • September 2017: “Festival Internacional de Quilt y Patchwork de Gramado”, Brasil. Premio Primer lugar Categoría Innovativos, Premio  “Mejor uso del color” del Festival.
    • February 2018: “Quiltcon, Modern Quilt Show”, Pasadena, USA.
    • August 2018: “AQS Quilt Week Contest”, Grand Rapids, USA.

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