My quilts
  • Size: 74” x 69”
  • Year ended: 2019

It started like any of my other quilts; an improvisation exercise, in this case improvising with curves. As the quilt started to make sense it was clear to me: a round… a round that made me think of Gabriela Mistral and her poem “Dame la mano” (give me your hand).

Give me your hand and we will dance; give me your hand and you will love me.

As just one flower we will be,

as a flower, and nothing else…

The same verse we will sing,
at the same pace we will dance.

As a spike we will undulate, as a spike, and nothing else

Your name is Rose and mine Hope;
but your name you will forget,

because we will be a dance in the hill and nothing else…

That is this quilt, and what is in it; a flower, a round where there is dancing, holding hands.


Gabriela Mistral (Vicuña, Chile April 7th of 1889 – New York, United States, January 10th 1957). Writer and Nobel Prize in Litera- ture in 1945.

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