My quilts
  • Size: 40” x 40” (WxH)
  • Ended year: 2017
  • Description: “The inspiration of this Quilt comes from the concept of equality in its broadest sense … equality of gender, social, ethnic and cultural rights, equality in every area that concerns us as human beings, equality that we must defend and that unfortunately day after day we see how she is transgressed. I wrote IGUALDAD (EQUALITY) on this quilt, in binary code, where each column represents a letter of the word, and each letter is represented by zeros and ones. The blocks that have a thin black line, represent a 1, the rest are zeros. Example, column 1 represents the letter I (01001001). The colors I used in this Quilt, where inspired by different Flags in our history, from pre-Columbian flags, to today’s flags, which speak of rights, equality and freedom”.
  • Expos and Festivals
    • February 2018: “Quiltcon, Modern Quilt Show”, Pasadena, USA.
    • August 2018: “The Festival of Quilts”, Birmingham, England

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