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A quilting guild is an organization of people who share an interest in quilting, which is the art of sewing together multiple layers of fabric to create a quilt. The primary purpose of a quilting guild is to provide a forum for quilters to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas and techniques related to quilting.

Quilting guilds typically hold regular meetings, which may include workshops, lectures, and demonstrations by experienced quilters. Members may also participate in group quilting projects, quilt shows, and community service projects such as making quilts for charitable causes.

Joining a quilting guild can be a great way to meet other quilters, learn new techniques, and improve your quilting skills. Quilting guilds can be found in many communities around the world, and many are affiliated with national or international quilting organizations.

How to find a quilt guild

Most states in the United States have quilt guilds. You can find a quilt guild to join by visiting this website The only states in the United State without quilting guilds are Hawaii and North Dakota. For most quilting guilds, you can simply fill out a membership application and bring it to the first meeting. Membership in a quilting guild is also usually quite affordable, with the fee being between $30 and $50 per year.

The benefits of joining a quilting guild

One of the most popular quilting guilds is the Modern Quilt Guild. Each year, there is a quilting festival, called QuiltCon. The 2023 QuiltCon was held in Atlanta and the 2024 QuiltCon will be held in Raleigh, NC. The benefits of joining a quilting guild such as the Modern Quilt Guild include:

  • Education: Many quilt guilds host a festival each year that includes lessons, masterclasses, and other opportunities with preeminent quilters.
  • Access to supplies and sewing machines: When you join a quilt guild, you can go to festivals and interact with suppliers of fabrics, sewing supplies, and sewing machines.
  • Resources to further your quilting: You can take classes, participate in workshops, and interact with other quilters to learn new techniques.
  • Camaraderie: You can interact with other quilters who are passionate about their craft and learn more from fellowship.

What are some of the top quilt guilds to join?

Some of the top quilt guilds in North America include:

  • The Modern Quilt Guild: This is perhaps the most popular quilt guild for modern quilters. This guild has QuiltCon every year and also has local chapters throughout the United States. 
  • The American Quilt Study Group: This is an organization that is dedicated to the study of quilts. This group charts the study of quilting history and also focuses on modern quilts.
  • The American Quilter’s Society: The American Quilter’s Society is dedicated to helping quilters expand their horizons in quilting. Membership includes access to a journal, classes, and other resources.

What are some of the top quilt guilds to join?

Whether you have quilted for decades independently or are new to the craft, a quilting guild will help you gain new perspectives and interact with other quilters. Quilting guilds are affordable and you will benefit from a membership.