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The 2023 International Quilt Festival will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in
Houston, TX. This is an international quilt festival that is put on by Quilts, Inc. Over the years,
this has expanded to one public show and two trade shows for those who are in the quilting and
crafts industry. Each year, these festivals include classes, workshops, judged contests, but most
importantly, the opportunity to network with quilters who are interested in the same craft as you
are. Let’s take a look at why you might enjoy 2023’s International Quilt Festival in Houston

Beauty You Will See, Winners From the 2022 Judged Show

During the 2022 Judged Show, there were many beautiful art quilts that were entered. These
great quilts explored a plethora of different designs that were clearly inspired. Some pieces
were an exercise in texture, while others explored balance and color.

Beyond Reason, a piece by Angela Petrocelli, is an original design. Coming in at over 200,000
pieces, this quilt is an experience of infinity. Each individual piece utilizes squares to create a
beautiful projection of both symmetry and infinity.

Merry Christmas, by Aki Sakai, is a traditional Christmas quilt that took the artist over a year to
make. Each section of this quilt is crafted with intense detail and the artist takes care to portray
a telling of an experience of Christmas.

Dear Humans… is a beautiful quilt by Sue Sherman. The animals in this dye-painted cotton
have come to a consensus on the state of affairs in the world. Not only does this quilt address
issues like climate change and disappearing spaces, but it also is a beautiful work on cotton
canvas inspired by photos of real animals.

In 2022, Carolina Oneto had a special exhibition at the International Quilt Festival in Dallas. Her
art piece, Victor V, represents a beautiful sequence of color that plays out over time on the
dimensions of the quilt. This festival was truly a remarkable experience for showcasing fine
contemporary quilts in North America.

Why is this a festival that you must go to?

This is, by and far, the largest annual international consumer quilt show in the world. In 2019, it
was attended by over 50,000 people from all over the world. You will see booths and exhibitors
showing every type of quilt that can be put together, from traditional quilts to modern art quilts.

The Open Studios™ is one of the most unique experiences at any quilt festival you will go to.
This is an area of the festival that features live demonstrations with quilting artists in person.

Even though there are 50,000 people in attendance during some years, you will likely interact
with familiar faces at the International Quilting Festival in Houston. You will also expand your
craft, with amazing new techniques that you learn through collaboration with other quilters.

Quilting festivals are more than just showcases and competitions. They are an opportunity to
expand your knowledge, share your work, and grow ultimately in your craft.