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A quilt exhibition is the best bet if you want to view an extensive range of quilts in one area. The
variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs will amaze you. It’s a feast for the eyes that’s likely
to spark some creativity. Gain Insight into your future quilting ventures as you learn new

There will be many learning opportunities through classes, seminars, and demonstrations. Make
an effort to broaden your horizons and try something different. Many skilled quilters are here
and can’t wait to tell you what they know. Make the most of this opportunity and expand your

Patchwork Sitges In Madrid, Spain

This year marks the return of the International Patchwork Festival, which will include a trade fair
with one hundred national and international exhibitors, several exhibits, monographic patchwork
courses, and a sizable area for creative workshops. The Asociación Espaola de Patchwork
(AEP) exhibition features works entered into the competition by its members. It is just one of
several national and international exhibits displayed throughout the four-day event.

Important Information
Dates: March 23-27, 2023
Location: Sitges Park in Sitges in Madrid, Spain
Official Website

Patchwork Quiltdagen In Rjswijk, Netherlands

This is the festival when quilts, made from colorful scraps of cloth, are shown and sold. An
adaptable pastime where fabric and creativity take center stage. Visit stunning exhibits and
participate in informative seminars to familiarize yourself with the various quilting methods.

Important Information
Dates: April 13-15, 2023
Location: De Broodfabriek, The Hague in the Netherlands
Official Website

Pour L’Amour Du Fil Show In Nantes, France

Pour l’Amour du Fil, which translates to “for the love of thread,” is an annual exhibition that
showcases the best of the world’s yarn artisans, both old and new. In 2023, “The Netherlands
from Every Angle” will be the topic, and attendees may look forward to exhibits from the Dutch
Quilt Guild, the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild, and the incomparable Willyne Hammerstein, an
internationally renowned textile artist.

Important Information
Dates: April 19 -22, 2023
Location: Exhibition Center de la Beaujoire in Nantes, France
Official Website

Australian Quilt Convention In Melbourne, Australia

Quilters worldwide are invited to participate in the annual AQC challenge each year. Up to 30
finalists will be chosen from the submitted works and presented at the AQC in Melbourne,
Australia, in April 2023 before moving to other craft exhibitions throughout the country.

Important Information
Dates: April 13-16, 2023
Location: Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia
Official Website

Quilt Canada In Halifax, Canada

The goal of the Canadian Quilters’ Association and the Association of Canadian Craftspeople is
to raise awareness of the art of quilting and to honor Canadian quilters by honoring the legacy
of quilting’s pioneers while also looking to the future for ways to improve the craft. As new
methods are incorporated into the conventional, Canadian quilters’ imaginations flourish.

Important Information
Dates: June 7-10, 2023
Location: Halifax Convention Centre in Halifax, Canada
Official Website

Festival of Quilts In Birmingham, England

The Festival of Quilts is a large-scale event that covers all aspects of the quilting business, from
fast and simple courses to a Quilt Academy curriculum, speeches and lectures, and even some
healthy fabric contests. Goods related to the knitting and stitching business, such as quilts, and
accessories, will be on display at this event. This quilting festival is a unique experience.

Important Information
Dates: August 3 – 6, 2023

Location: The NEC in Birmingham, England
Official Website

European Patchwork Meeting In Alsace, France

The four charming towns hosting this quilting festival are Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sainte-Croix-
aux-Mines, Lièpvre, and Rombach-le-Franc of the Val d’Argent valley. Places of the church,
community centers, and other historic structures are temporarily turned into quilt galleries
showcasing the work of both local and international artists.

Important Information
Dates: September 15-19, 2023
Location: The Alsace Valley, France
Official Website

Tips For Attending Quilting Festivals

It’s always exciting to check out a new quilt show since each is uniquely curated. However, they
all provide three basic things: shopping, workshops, and quilts. Ideally, you’d have enough time
to take a good chunk of each.

Here are a few tips to get to fully enjoy your quilting festival experience.

Register In Advance

There are two significant benefits to registering for quilt exhibits online.
● If you pre-register online for a performance, you may be eligible for exclusive perks.
● You may also sign up for a newsletter to get updates on the availability of workshops at
several more extensive exhibitions.

Attend Demos

The demos are one of quilter’s favorite parts of attending an extensive quilt exhibition. Many
exhibitors will get between fifteen and thirty minutes to demonstrate their wares. You may learn
how to make the most of many of the tools and gain plenty of ideas for your items from them. It’s
similar to the demo booths at fairs, just much more impressive.

Plan Ahead

It’s easier to avoid overspending if you know exactly what supplies you’ll need for a specific
project. Don’t get me wrong. Leave a little wiggle space in the budget for this kind of thing.

Depending on their scope, quilting festivals often last over three days. Try organizing your
show-going (and maybe some local area exploring) by day and event. Two days a week, one is
spent in class, and the other is on the ground. Which day you’ll have to attend depends on what
courses you decide to take.

Whether or not you registered in advance online, you will need to pick up your registration
packet when you arrive at the quilt show. This may include some vendor discounts and a
welcome leaflet detailing all the events during the quilt exhibition.

Attend a Class or Workshop

A lesson or two at each event is a must-do for anyone attending a quilting festival. By doing so,
you can interact with the faculty while expanding your knowledge base. Although a wealth of
information is available on the internet, the seminars offered at quilting festivals provide insights
and information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Enter Contests

Are you interested in receiving a quilt if you win? Another option is a wicker basket filled with
quilting supplies. Raffle tickets are often sold at quilt fairs for this exact purpose. At most, you’d
have to put in a buck or two to be eligible for a fun reward. In addition, it’s a fantastic fundraising
opportunity for the local quilt guild, which brings me to my fourth reason.

Browse the Merchant’s Hall

Browsing the merchant’s hall is a fantastic chance for one-stop shopping. The vendor
marketplaces at quilt exhibits are excellent places to learn about cutting-edge items. Whether
stocking up on fabric or supplies, you’ll discover something you must have.

Mingle With Other Quilting Fans

Want to meet other quilters and share your experiences? A quilt exhibition is a great place to
meet individuals who share your passions. Start talking to them. Perhaps you will meet a new
quilting pal or acquaintance.

Why not take a quilting class before you go? If you are passionate about quilting and would like
to attend quilting festivals, contact Carolina Oneto for more information.