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Attending a quilt show is a fun event for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. You’ll get the chance to look at the artistry and craftsmanship of the finest quilters around. Plus, these events typically have a lot to offer attendees, such as workshops, prizes, demonstrations, and more.

Whether you’re looking to display your own quilts at these gatherings or you want to learn new techniques from the larger quilting community, nabbing a ticket to one of these events should be a top priority. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the top quilt shows of 2024 so you can start planning which events you want to attend.

QuiltCon: Raleigh, North Carolina

Block out February 22-25, 2024 in your calendar, as you won’t want to miss the QuiltCon held in North Carolina. This show is presented by the Modern Quilt Guild and features several different categories of competition. Though you can enter the competition and take a look at all of the quilt entries, there are many classes available as well. From taking your design technology skills up a notch to listening to lectures on color theory, there’s plenty to learn and experience at this quilt show.

AQS QuiltWeek: Paducah, Kentucky

From April 24-27, 2024, the traveling AQS QuiltWeek show will be held in Kentucky. This spring event features beautiful award-winning quilts, exhibits of international quilts, and an assortment of learning opportunities. If you can’t make it to this time or place, you may consider attending this show in a different city.

Canadian Rockies Quilt Show: Canmore, Canada

As one of the largest quilt shows in Canada, the Canadian Rockies Quilt Show is a fun gathering of talented artists. If you want to check out some beautiful quilts, you should consider buying your tickets for this event held from September 28-29, 2024. 

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show: Bloomington, Indiana

You may want to enter the quilting competition at the Indian Heritage Quilt Show on February 29- March 2, 2024. There are many categories that you could enter, such as the “Challenge Quilt,” which poses a unique rule of using at least 75% hand-dyed/Batik fabrics.

Quilt Canada: Edmonton, Canada 

If you’re looking to attend quilt shows in Canada, the Quilt Canada show happening between June 19-22, 2024 is a fun event. As a large quilt show, there is a vibrant community of quilters in attendance. You may decide to enter the competition or peruse some of the stunning competition entries.

Quilt Shows in North America By Month

In North America, there are nearly 80 quilting festivals that you will be able to attend in 2024. Here are some of the ones that we recommend attending month by month. You can see all of the quilt festivals happening in North America in 2024 here


The Ladies of the Lake Quilt Show is an annual event that showcases an exceptional range of quilting talent, and serves as a celebration of the art and craft of quilt making. The show is organized by the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild, a dedicated group of women who are committed to promoting the tradition and evolution of quilting.

The Quilt Show usually takes place over a weekend and it brings together hundreds of unique, handcrafted quilts. These quilts are exhibited for visitors to admire and often cover a wide range of styles, themes, techniques, and levels of expertise. This diversity of displays is testament to the members’ creativity and skill, reflecting their individual personalities and their collective passion for quilting.


QuiltCon is a premier annual event in the world of modern quilting, organized by the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). Launched in 2013, this four-day event brings together thousands of individuals from across the globe who share a passion for modern quilting.

The event features an impressive variety of activities that caters to both beginners and seasoned quilters. This includes educational opportunities through lectures and workshops led by world-class quilt and textile artists. The topics range from quilting techniques and design theory to professional development for aspiring quilt artists and entrepreneurs. QuiltCon will be held in Raleigh NC in February. 


The Deserts Guild Quilt Show is an annual event, attracting quilters and fabric enthusiasts from all across the nation. The event showcases stunning pieces of art crafted by highly skilled quilters. Not just a visual delight, it is also a place to gather and connect for quilt enthusiasts.

The quilts on display, contributed by the members of the Desert Quilters of Nevada, depict exceptional skill and imagination. Each piece represents countless hours of detailed work, precise design and arrangement, vibrant colors and intriguing patterns. The Quilt Show includes several categories for competition, such as Traditional Quilts, Modern Quilts, Art Quilts, and Wearable Art, with entrants having the chance to win recognition and prizes. This year’s show will be held in Palm Springs, CA. 


The Lancaster Quilt Show is a much-anticipated annual event that draws a large number of quilt enthusiasts from all around the world. Held in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, it showcases an exquisite collection of handmade quilts created by both amateur and professional quilters. This event also features quilting workshops, lectures, and vendor booths offering quilting materials and supplies. It’s an opportunity for attendees to admire the intricacies of the quilting craft, gather inspiration, and learn new techniques from seasoned quilters.


The Garden of Quilts Show in Flat Rock, NC, is a beautiful spectacle of creativity, showcasing intricate designs from talented quilters from around the region. This annual event, hosted in the picturesque setting of Flat Rock, provides a unique platform for quilting enthusiasts to share their work, engage in a friendly competition, and gain inspiration. Visitors to the show have the chance to admire an array of quilts ranging from traditional patterns to modern interpretations, while the participants benefit from various workshops, demonstrations, and lectures on different aspects of quilting.


A Mountain Quiltfest is a unique event held annually in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This multi-day festival celebrates the age-old art of quilting, attracting hobbyists, artisans, and quilt enthusiasts from across the country. With a variety of quilt exhibits, vendors selling quilting supplies and handmade items, and workshops led by nationally recognized quilting instructors, the Mountain Quiltfest is a haven for both beginner and expert quilters. Attendees also have the opportunity to participate in a quilt show competition. This beloved event showcases the blend of creativity, skill, and tradition inherent in the world of quilting.


The Sisters Quilt Show is a premier annual event held in Sisters, Oregon, a small charming town known for its robust arts and crafts culture. Every second Saturday of July, the entire town transforms into an outdoor quilt gallery, attracting enthusiasts from across the globe. The festival boasts of featuring over 1300 quilts carefully handcrafted by both local and international artists. This grand event not only promotes and celebrates the art of quilting but also boosts local tourism, making it a perfect mix of cultural enrichment and community development.


The Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival in Scottsdale, AZ is a renowned event where crafting enthusiasts from around the world come to share their love for creative arts. The festival showcases a vast variety of textiles and handcrafted goods, including beautiful quilts, unique crafts, and intricate sewing projects. It provides attendees with a chance to interact with exhibitors, learn new techniques during workshops and explore the latest tools, supplies, and trends in the quilting, crafting, and sewing industry. This festival is a craft lover’s dream, fostering a creative atmosphere filled with inspiration and camaraderie.


The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, held in Oaks, PA, is a celebrated annual event known for showcasing a plethora of quilt arts. Drawing artists and enthusiasts from across the globe, this festival serves as a vibrant hub for displaying extraordinary quilting talent, techniques, and styles. The extravaganza features an array of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that help nurture creativity, improve skills, and encourage participation in the art of quilting. In addition to the exquisite range of handcrafted quilts, the event also boasts a vast marketplace with numerous vendors selling everything from fabrics and patterns to quilting supplies and equipment.


The Durham-Orange Quilt Show in Mebane, NC is a remarkable celebration of creativity and artistry. The annual event, which brings together quilt makers and enthusiasts from across the region, showcases an array of spectacular quilts ranging from traditional designs to innovative contemporary pieces. Attendees can browse and admire the intricate craftsmanship, attend informative workshops, and purchase quilting supplies from local vendors. With the passion and camaraderie fostered at the Durham-Orange Quilt Show, the event holds a significant place in the heart of the local quilting community.


The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Novi, Michigan is an annual event for individuals passionate about sewing and quilting. This highly anticipated expo offers an opportunity to learn new techniques, discover innovative products, and showcase creativity in a fun and welcoming environment. Featuring various sewing and quilting classes, interactive workshops, vendor booths, and numerous exhibitions of quilts and fiber art, it serves as an inspiring gathering point for beginners and experts alike. This event, designed to promote the craft of sewing and quilting, also emphasizes the benefits of engaging in these therapeutic hobbies.

In general, quilt shows are the perfect place to find community amongst fellow quilters. While entering competitions can be rewarding, these gatherings typically have many learning opportunities that can be just as worthwhile. If you’re thinking about entering a quilting competition at a show, you may want to consider improving your skills. Check out our educational courses, if you’re interested in preparing for one of these competitions.