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Finding Your Own Voice in Art

Finding your own voice in art is a mix of practice, looking at different finished products by quilters that you like, and networking with others to learn about their artistic processes. You might find your own voice within a year of taking up your craft, but most artists will rework their style and voice at least once throughout their journey. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can find your own voice in art.


Practice what you like often

Whether you are quilting or making a painting, you will often find yourself looking at the works of others that you like. In your quilting, it might be a particular combination of colors. If you go through the process of finding these fabrics, determining the color values, and incorporating them into your own improvisation sessions, you will learn how to create a unique version of something that you like.

If you come across a particular technique that you find hard to learn, don’t give up. Keep trying until you get it right. Some artists will expend a considerable amount of time before they come up with a final product that they like. When Elvis Presley recorded his top hit “Hound Dog,” it took thirty-one takes to get the recording that he knew his fans would like.

Network with other artists and strive to learn more about your art

As a quilter, it’s important to participate in quilt festivals and contests. When you enter into a contest, it will challenge you to finish a piece that you intend on sharing with others. Quilting festivals will let you interact with other artists and see what they are working on. When you are at a quilting festival, there are also likely to be workshops, lessons, and masterclasses that can help you learn some new techniques or perfect something that you’ve wanted to learn for quite some time.

Understand that finding your voice is a process

In music, composers often have “periods” when their style changes. For example, Beethoven’s 2nd period was from 1802-1816. During his second period, many music critics agree that Beethoven found an individual style that was different from his teachers. You may find that your own creative voice develops after you have been creating art for a while.

Take classes and participate in workshops to nurture your artistic voice

Quilting courses are going to help you develop your technique and style. You can take quilting workshops at festivals or take courses online to learn different techniques that you can apply to quilting. Learning the tools of the trade will help you find different quilting techniques that you like, create beautiful and unique color sets, and make quilts that are truly unique to you.